Halan International

Quality Inherited

100% Fresh

Our vegetables are not processed using preservation, industrial solvents, or artificial food additives. We offer 100% fresh vegetables.

Always Fresh

We have been providing nontoxic, nutritious and quality fresh vegetables, tea leaves & honey to the markets in and around Tamilnadu.

vegetable imports & exports


We export 100% fresh vegetables and we serve the people with pure, fresh and hygienic vegetables & Nilgiri honey.

Best Quality

We are very skilled to select only high quality fresh products export varieties from each area in accordance with client’s requirements.

Why Halan Exports is unique?

We have a capacious packing unit that is loaded with all the facilities required for the quality and quantity packing. It is mainly used to protect vegetables during safe transportation by road or sea and to safeguard the vegetables during various climate changes & natural calamities happening in the earth.

We have a calm infrastructure which is equipped with all essential equipment’s to carry out our operations efficiently. We have all the in-built facilities for categorizing, sorting, pre-cooling, cold storage, and export from export and the local markets requirement.

We have created and developed a great network of clientele which is spread all across the globe. We export our products to all major cities of Tamilnadu. Our customers are fully satisfied by our products and services which signifies our high quality standards and reliability.

Buy Fresh Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables

Exports from

Halan, Nilgiri

Buy pure and fresh vegetables from ELK Hill Group of Halan Exports.

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tea leaves
Tea Leaves

Exports from

Halan, Nilgiri

Buy varieties of Tea Leaves from ELK Hill Group of Halan Exports.

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Nilgiri Honey

Exports from

Halan, Nilgiri

Buy pure and original organic Niligiri Honey from ELK Hill Group of Halan Exports.

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